In the particularly competitive food industry market, ALVA FOOD stands out with a resolutely human and qualitative approach, in terms of production, management and customer and partner relations.

This positioning is based on strong values, rooted in the group’s history and embodied by its management:


team management is based on human assets, the value of work and the quality of communication.


because desire and discussion are the best levers to engage and succeed.

« Real talk »

saying things as they are, both internally and externally, can sometimes surprise. Yet it is the best way to save time, clarify responsibilities and build sustainable deep trust.


a fundamental component of team spirit.

Continuous improvement

on all fronts: human, products, production tools, etc., because our bottom line is to strive for excellence.


strengthened by its local history and its 100% family-owned structure, ALVA FOOD is free to take its decisions and build its development.

Protecting the environment

this is a moral obligation, over and above collective and legal pressures. ALVA FOOD invests heavily to ensure zero environmental risk at its water treatment plant and to enhance its co-products.

A sense of partnership

ALVA FOOD works alongside its customers and cultivates loyalty towards its suppliers.